Artificial Intelligence and Data Science – Prestige Engineering College Indore

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

(Established : 2020)

Vision of the Department

To emerge as a “Centre of Excellence in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science” and to uphold students by imparting Cognitive learning environment with continuous education, research and industrial collaboration to become inventive Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Eminent.

Mission of the Department

  • M1: To enlighten students to experience content-based learning with premier quality data science education, research and industrial collaboration to update their knowledge in the field of AI and Data Science
  • M2: To provide training programs that bridge the gap between academia and industry.
  • M3: To prepare graduates who will thrive to pursue life-long learning and contribute to society as ethical and responsible citizens.

Courses Offered
Program Name Duration Total Seats
4-Years Full Time 60

AI & DS department was established with the college in the year 2020.The department has the vision to develop creative software and hardware engineers, who can lead our nation to international recognition and market place.
  • Our main task is to prepare students for careers in industry or To play significant role and make focused efforts for achieving academic excellence and develop sincere, motivated Computer Science and Engineering graduates with knowledge, aptitude and skills to be suitable for real world problem solving.
  • State of the art facilities including the latest software and advanced configuration hardware are available in various laboratories for use in both teaching and research.
  • Some of the practices of the department like teaching with lesson plans ,conduction of regular  tests, mentoring activities, focusing on weak students, have helped the students to achieve greater heights in their academics and placement activities to add value to their education
  • In-house training, industrial visits and final and pre final year projects enable students to get acquainted with the latest technological development and applications that are in demand and impacting the society.
  • We trained students for campus placements and to enhance their personality in all verticals including aptitude, logical reasoning, GD skills, Technical and HR interviews
There are various uses of AI in the modern-day scenario. Industries have been using AI to bring automation into the processes. Better AI algorithms are being developed every day to pace up various industry processes/chores. Beginners should know the following pros of AI
    • Automation – AI creates an understanding of the machines to interpret the situation and perform the required action. Some jobs can be tiring like , paper checking, form submission, etc. These chores can be automated with the help of AI with the least human intervention. Employees in an organization/industry can focus on their core responsibility while tedious chores can be automated with AI.
  • Speed – AI can do a lot of work without stopping as compared to humans. Besides automation, AI lets us complete work before deadlines, and the work can be done outside the working hours. It reduces not only human labor but also provides great speed and efficiency. Have you seen an AI machine that works 24*7 yet? If not, we will discuss some of the use cases of AI further in this blog.
  • Accuracy – AI reduces the chances of error as compared to humans. Since the machine will always act according to the fixed AI algorithm in every scenario, there are fewer errors. AI helps us in defining new limits of accuracy and precision with reduced risks.
  • Exploration – Artificial Intelligence has helped us to discover many unexplored places like volcanic sites, ocean beds, etc. Humans cannot visit these vulnerable sites as they can’t survive in those scenarios. An AI machine can go to such vulnerable places and can also collect information.
  • Data Collection And Analysis – Data analytics is already a trending technology in the modern-day business world. Industries and businesses know the value of analyzing huge chunks of data and extracting useful information from it.
Various benefits of AI lead to various user cases and job roles in the market, which are beneficial for deep tech enthusiasts or freshers looking to build their careers in the AI industry. The scope of AI is bright in India as firms need expert employees who can extract meaningful information from large chunks of data.

Career Scope

  • AI analysts and developers
  • AI engineers and scientists
  • AI researchers
  • AI algorithm specialist
  • Robotics expert
  • Military and aviation experts
  • Maintenance and mechanical engineers
  • Surgical AI technicians
  • AI Cybersecurity Expert
  • Machine Learning Scientists
  • Statistician
  • Actuarial Scientist
  • Mathematician
  • Data Engineers
  • Software Programming Analysts
  • Digital Analytics Consultant
  • Business Analytic Practitioners

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

    • PEO 1 : Be Successful professional with exposure to technology, knowledge, skills relevant to ICT Industry.
    • PEO 2 : Be able to contribute in synthesizing solutions for real world problem by working in team.
    • PEO 3 : Become sincere professional, keen learner, motivated and follower of ethical practices.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

  • PSO 1 : Students should be able to engage in sustainable development and demonstrate data analytics skills for effective interpretation and decision making to solve real life problems.
  • PSO 2 : Students should be develop programming skills required to build AI based data science applications.
  • PSO 3 : Students should be able to apply ethical principles and commit to professional and social responsibilities