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Our Inspiration

NN jain sir

Dr. N. N. Jain


Prestige Group

 The story of PRESTIGE is the story of great endurance, perseverance, courage and determination of a 16 year old boy from Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan). While millions bled and suffered the horrendous trauma and hatred during India’s partition in 1947, the destiny shaped him up as a toughened  person tempered with humble core. Rising from scratch, the great PRESTIGE Group that stands today was built in the face of numerous odds, putting tenacious long hours by Dr N N Jain, an “Imagineering Engineer” of SGSITS Indore. The journey that he set forth is eternal and is best described by the following couplets:
In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, Whole and complete, and yet life is ever changing. There is no beginning and no end, Only a constant cycling and recycling Of substance and experiences. Life is never stuck or static and stale, For each moment is ever new and fresh. I am one with the very Power that created me, And this Power has given me the power to create my own Circumstances. I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power Of my own mind to use, in any way, I choose. Every moment of life is a new beginning point. As we move from the old. This moment is a new point of beginning for me Right here and right now. All is well in my world.