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Industrial Motivation Campaign for Youth (IMC-Y):

Two days Industrial Motivation Campaigns are organized to identify and motivate traditional / non-traditional entrepreneurs having potential for setting up MSEs so as and to lead them towards self-em. Speaker of session: Dr. Manojkumar Deshpande (Director,PIEMR) , Dr. Sanjeev Patni(CEO AIC,PIEMR), Dr. Jolly Masih (Head of Management Research, PIEMR), Dr. Piyush Choudhary (Head of Computer Science,PIEMR) . Prof.Sourabh Bhattacharya (Head of industrial and corporation manager,PIEMR)


One Day IMCs are organized in association with Industry Clusters/Associations/ social enterprises to propagate various Govt. schemes for strengthening of MSMEs. Speaker of Session: Dr. Sanjeev Patni(CEO AIC,PIF), Dr. Dipali Sarvate(Head of E-Cell & Electrical Department), Prof. Arpit Maheshwari (Assistant Professor, PIEMR Indore), Prof.Aayush Patidar (Assistant Professor, EE Department), Dr. R.S Tare (Professor, Medicaps Indore and Entrepreneur)

Internal Hackathon under Smart India Hackathon 2020

Internal Hackathon teams come up with their own ideas against the problem statements given by SIH 2020 and represented by student teams (6 team member ,one female student necessary).there are total 28 team entry for Internal Hackathons contain software + hardware both.. Expert /Guest of the Event : Mr. Siddarth Dev from Technido and Mr. Vinesh Sandoria from iLead

IIT Kanpur E summit 2019

IIT Kanpur E-Summit being the flagship event of E-Cell, is held annually brings together the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and all those passionate about entrepreneurship to common grounds. It provides an avenue to exhibit the entrepreneurial talent and creativity through many events like business ventures, product design competition, and social entrepreneurial idea competition. Here our 3 Students of PIEMR, Asteek, Rahul and Utkarsh , attended and presented their idea at ESUMMIT at IIT Kanpur.

E-leader NEN workshop (Daly college Indore)

DCBM hosted the NEN E- leader Workshop in which saw our 5 student participate (Himanshi Verma,Utkarsh, Shivansh,Pratik Tapal) with faculty members Dr. Dipali Sarvate and Ms. Neha Jain . This workshop served as a great platform to initiate the Start Up Clubs at College level to our students.