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E-Cell Activities


Expert talk by Rameshwar from “Fasion8Home”

Mr. Rameshwar talks about his startup company “FASHION8HOME”, which is founded in Sep 2019. He talk about how Fashion8home website connects 1,00,00 fans every day with help of 3,000 contributing writers and other successful initiatives. He offer paid internship to the candidate, in order to learn about various Digital Marketing, SEO and business strategy in Fashion8Home, Indore.

Interactive session of Siddharth Jain from “Graffersid”

 Mr.Siddharth jain from “Graffersid”, a successful entrepreneur and talk about Problems faced by Startup Businesses and its solution. Such as  Lack of Funding, Time Restraints ,Poor Planning ,No Historical DataWhich faced by every person during start-up.

Seminar on “Solar Energy: The Future Power” by Chetan S Solanki– Professor IIT Bombay

Prof. Chetan S Solanki – Professor IIT Bombay provided valuable inputs and generated awareness about solar energy & its future in the coming years. He point out ignorance of nature in today’s race to outdo each other, amass more wealth & get more comfort. But we are destroying nature by our short term vision of comfort , so we just  behaving like intelligent fools.

Expert talk by Siddhant Sidana from “KES Global Solution”     .

Siddhant Sidana (IIM Alumini) talk about recent trends in entrepreneurship and team building processes. He is along with Rounak and Bhupendra took the 3rd year’s session today on Entrepreneurship and Personal traits. He also offered internship opportunities to 5 students.

Interactive session of Nitin from “Teetoota”

Mr. Nitin interacts with student about his company “TETOOTA” and how his company provide social platform for skill exchange, which serves as a C2C services barter platform for individuals to trade their services and strengths, and in return, learn skills or get personal assistance from subject matter experts. His company idea how remove all barriers for peer to peer learning.


Internal Hackathon under Smart India Hackathon 2020:
Internal Hackathon teams come up with their own ideas against the problem statements given by SIH
2020 and represented by student teams (6 team member ,one female student necessary).there are total
28 team entry for Internal Hackathons contain software + hardware both..
Expert /Guest of the Event : Mr. Siddarth Dev from Technido and Mr. Vinesh Sandoria from iLead


IIT Kanpur E summit 2019

IIT Kanpur E-Summit being the flagship event of E-Cell, is held annually brings together the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and all those passionate about entrepreneurship to common grounds. It provides an avenue to exhibit the entrepreneurial talent and creativity through many events like business ventures, product design competition, and social entrepreneurial idea competition. Here our 3 Students of PIEMR, Asteek, Rahul and Utkarsh , attended and presented their idea at ESUMMIT at IIT Kanpur.

E-leader NEN workshop (Daly college Indore)

DCBM hosted the NEN E- leader Workshop in which saw our 5 student participate (Himanshi Verma,Utkarsh, Shivansh,Pratik Tapal) with faculty members  Dr. Dipali Sarvate and Ms. Neha Jain . This workshop served as a great platform to initiate the Start Up Clubs at College level to our students.

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