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Memberships & MoUs

April 07, 2016

PIEMR Memorandum of Understanding [MoU's] with National & International Institution's

PIEMR's memorandum of understanding [MoU] with Industries

Institute has membership of following Organizations and Societies

MoU's with Industries, National & International Institution's

The institute has entered into to number of Memorandum of Understanding with local industries engaged in the field of civil construction, electric grid/substation and telecommunication towers, water filtration, fabrication etc.

The purpose of these MOUs is to explore the areas of cooperation for mutual benefits of Institute and the Industry as they:

Recognize the importance of skill development and contribution required for social development of India.

Recognize their mutual interest in the fields of training and development of human resources.

Recognize the importance of industry partner in the areas of cooperation given below.

Areas of Cooperation

Set the ground for long term institute-industry partnership for the benefit of the society.

Foster mutual support in their learning, training, development, projects and research requirements based on mutual convenience.

Provide access to industry environment and interaction between the faculty and student of the Institute and the workforce of the Industry.

Exchange of visiting experts for problem solving, projects and research.

Joint guidance of projects/thesis and impart training to the students, staff and faculty of the Institute by the Industry.

The Industry may avail library, internet, and computational facilities in the Institute.

The student may be encouraged to take up the projects such that Industry desirably benefits from its outcomes.

Organization of joint conferences and seminars.