Placement Policy – Prestige Engineering College Indore

Placement Policy


PIEMR would facilitate final placement of its students, who will successfully complete their academic requirements and their conduct and behavior has been noted satisfactory.

Attendance Criteria

15.1 Student is required to have a minimum of 75% attendance during the term.
15.2 Attendance for all placement activity is mandatory. Even if any student is unable to participate in any placement related activity due to exigency, it would be mandatory for him to inform the same to the placement cell. Failure to notify about the absence would result in his/her name not be considered for the final placement.
15.3 Attendance for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is compulsory for all the students. In case student does not attend the PPT of any company (without any genuine reason), he/ she will not be allowed to sit for the final recruitment in the company.
15.4 It shall be mandatory for short-listed students to appear for the final interview. Absence from the interview shall debar short-listed student/s from the placement activity.
15.5 Regular absentee/s of placement activities will be debarred from final placement.

Do’s and Don’ts

15.6 Students are required to register through internal Placement Portal (Calyxpod) as soon as they enter final year.
15.7 Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of PPT/ Group Discussion/Interviews, and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or placement officer or their placement representatives.
15.8 Students are not allowed to interact with the company executives directly. Any queries must be clarified during the PPT itself. Subsequently, they can bring their doubts (if any) to the notice of the placement officer and then the placement officer will take necessary action to solve specified queries.
15.9 Students must carry their resume/ C.V. with the copy credentials/documents, latest color photograph in a proper portfolio at the time of interview.
Those who do not comply will not be permitted to attend the interview.
15.10 Students need to attend PPT and the selection process for final placement strictly in formals and college blazer.

General Placement Rules:

15.11 Information about company’s schedules concerning final placement will be displayed on the Placement Notice Board and copy of same will be forwarded to the e-mail addresses of the respective students. It will be the duty of every student to see the Notice Board; check his/her email and keep themselves updated.
15.12 The Companies who are not doing a formal PPT, the profile of those company and job description will be displayed on the PLACEMENT NOTICE BOARD, it is expected that the students keep themselves updated about those companies by visiting the respective company’s latest website.
15.13 The students will be eligible to get one offer from the company in respect of final placement through the institute. One more opportunity after that in case of 30% CTC hike will be allowed for the student already placed in one company. In case, any student is not willing to accept the same, she/he has to arrange his/her final placement entirely on his/her own.
15.14 Student is free to make his/her own arrangement for the final placement. In all such cases the student needs to communicate the same in writing to the Placement Officer before the commencement of the final placement process. These students have to keep the Placement Office informed of the status and submit required documents on time.


• The Placement procedure should be taken in the right spirit. Any student found influencing the interview panel directly or indirectly with personal contacts will be disqualified.
• Sharing of placement related information with outsiders is strictly prohibited. If any student is found doing the same he/she will be debarred from further placement activities.
• Any student violating any of the above mentioned rules and regulations or found indulging in any act of indiscipline/misbehavior thereby damaging reputation of the Institute will be debarred from availing any further placement facilities and is liable for strict disciplinary action, as per the Institute rules and regulations.
• The Institute reserves the right to change/ modify any or all of the above mentioned rules / regulations and procedures, whenever it is deemed necessary to do so. ***************************************************************************