RoboPlanet@Prestige – Prestige Engineering College Indore


Objective: Provides a platform for learning and developing robots for various applications. Membership:
  • Open to all students who have inclination towards robotics, electronics and automation.
  • Prior registration for membership is necessary.
  • Members meet on every Tuesday and Thursday timings: 03:00 pm to 05:00 Pm
Activities under club:
  1. Hands on practice session for developing robots.
  2. Special sessions for School students.
  3. Assistance for robotics competitions.
Venue: Room number C-201(B), Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering Prestige Institute of Engineering, Management & Research, Indore Links:
  1. Membership form
  Contact us: Faculty Mentor: Sadhana Tiwari Akhilesh Kandariya Imran Biag Student Coordinator:  Rajkumar Signh Rathore 9617454468 Jitendra Tomar  8871002877