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Prestige Adroit Training Cell

Prestige Adroit Training Cell

Established : July 2015


Adroit Initiative

Employ-ability of engineers has been the major issue in the field of technical education and a cause of great concern to students, parents as well as the government.

We at Prestige have taken up this challenge with simple and conscientious beginning. Understanding the company’s expectations of industry ready engineers as well as student needs of career opportunities, the dedicated team of “Prestige Adroit” planned to shape up students right from first semester onward, homing on to basics and specifics like English language, General Awareness, and Personality Development, Aptitude and technical know how through practicing skills in various branches of engineering.

Our Mission: To train and develop students for success in various competitive examinations, Aptitude, Personality Tests, Interviews and get into their dream jobs and careers.

Adroit Advantage

#_All the training classes conducted during college hours.

#_No extra fees for training .

#_Gradual build up from I Semester onwards results in smooth and continuous improvement.

#_Students participation in design of syllabus.

#_Lesson plans under mutual control of students and faculty.

#_Large saving in money and time.

#_Saturday skills to develop curiosity and creative problem solving.

#_Saturday skills to develop curiosity and creative problem solving.