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Book Review

Writing a Book Review

A book review is an essay, it not only tells the reader about the synopsis of a plot, it also includes the reviewer’s analysis and opinion of the book. Remember there is no right way to write a book review. Book reviews are highly personal and reflect the opinion of the reviewer.

    Steps to follow while writing a book review.

1. Name of the Book. Name of the author. Name of the Publisher.Cost of the Book. Start with the name of the book that is being reviewed. Underline it. Mention the author’s name.Number of pages, year of publication, the edition, can also be included. If you have read any other book by the same author you may put in a line or two of comparison.

2. Plot of the book/story 

Write 3-4 sentences about the plot. Who were the main characters? What did they do? Did the main characters run into any problem/adventure? Who was your favourite character? Why?

3. Your personal experiences

Could you relate to any character from the book or any incidence?

4. Your opinion

You like the book? Did you specially like any particular part of the book?

5. Your recommendation

Would you recommend this book to others? What kind of people will like this book?

Note :You don’t have to answer every question. These are only suggestions to guide your writing. Book Review: Life of Pi by Yann Martel book_review_sample1 book_review_sample2