Rural Outreach – Prestige Engineering College Indore

Rural Outreach

In the year 2050, nearly 10 billion people will share our fragile planet. How will we ensure that they have access to food, clean water, economical shelter, and universal health care? These challenges, like many that have come before, are ones that engineers will help to address. Engineers have always played a role in improving society through technology—in short, making the world a more livable place. Engineers are the members of society that are engaged in systematic development of technology, and application of that technology to the benefit of society. It is a critically important responsibility that engineers have. Engineering activities can have profound impact on society. Engineering cannot operate in a vacuum separate from society . By its very nature  engineering is bound up with society and human behavior. Hence, the students must become knowledgeable on how society is organized, how it functions, what are the issues it faces and how it uses/depends on technology. Consideration of social issues is central to engineering. For this reason, through our Rural Outreach Program we sensitize our students about the socio-cultural issues ranging from life in slums, infant mortality, girl child, malnourishment, water shed management, hygiene and sanitation, toilet construction etc. The procedure comprises of field visits, case studies, analyzing government policies, discussion with field officers and NGO executives. Students are motivated to inspect, observe and learn.