Training Initiative – Prestige Engineering College Indore

Training Initiative



To this end, all our academic and training  offerings  are woven around the core philosophy to train our students to become competent engineers with penchant for discovering technologies and life long learning.

And we make a difference by focusing first on Personal Development and Foundation skills. Concurrent to acquiring profound technical knowledge, both theoretical and practical, specific to the branch of engineering, we emphasize on practicing Know-how along with Wisdom and Character to shape a whole personality.

What Companies Want?
    1. Knowledge (both theory and practical): Ability to generalize from unique instances.Profound Knowledge, Learning to learn, Research Ability
    2. Know-How: Purposeful organization of knowledge from different areas of learning and putting it to work. It includes :
      • Competencies
        • Resource allocation: Time, Money, Materials, Space and Staff.
        • Interpersonal skills:Team, Leading, Negotiating, Working well and Sharing with people.
        • Information Handling:Acquiring, Evaluating, Organizing, Interpreting and
        • Systems-Understanding, Designing,Monitoring &Improving:Social, Technological & Organizational Systems
        • Technology:Selecting, Applying to specific tasks, Maintaining and Troubleshooting.
      • Foundation skills
        • Language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking
        • Math: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation
        • Thinking skills: Problem Solving, Reasoning, Decisions making, Analyzing and Synthesizing
        • Communication skills: Listening, Interpreting and expressing
    3. Personal Qualities: Conscientiousness, Openness to experience,   Agreeableness, Emotional stability, Extroversion, Self esteem, Integrity, Social adaptability, Initiative, Intelligence, Dependability, Cooperation, Leadership, Sense of Humor, Awareness of Others, Empathy ,Positive Attitude , Creative Thinking, Flexibility.
        1. Wisdom: To set priorities by knowing what is important and what is not
        2. Character: is combination of all the above coupled with strong motivation